WordPress vs Wix: Who’s The Second Best To None?

WordPress vs Wix:  Who’s The Second Best To None?  

Nowadays, adept knowledge in manual code editing is no longer a prerequisite to build and launch your website.  But of course, along the way, you’ll be confronted with such limitations that might compel you to elevate the website building process a few notches higher depending on the demands of your business. 

But first, let’s lay down the battle fair and square for the two blockbuster names in website building — WordPress and Wix. 

On Being Pitted Against Each Other 

Amidst the fact that innumerable website building tools have inundated the digital landscape, these two giants still spring up as the most prominent platforms.   

While Wix offers beginners their first crack at website building through an easy drag-and-drop feature, WordPress has already clocked up a multitude of potentials in the field over the years.  Both, though, have something to bring to the table allowing interested users to thrash individual criteria inconclusively before arriving at a choice.

Website Building Approach 

Website building rookies are most likely to lean towards giving Wix a shot first before trying out something else.  Setting up a basic website whose built-in features and tools are not complex to wield and more importantly can be done in one place gives Wix users an advantage.   

On the other hand, WordPress, is a website builder platform that’s powered by CMS and extends your options to more advanced features, and gives you access to a surfeit of free plugins.  It even allows you to generate your own custom theme.  Wix, likewise, offers a variety of built-in apps but relatively incomparable to what you can find in WordPress.

Customization Features 

If you intend to put into mind a website that presents an intuitive interface to users, Wix can come into play with its repository of hundreds of templates available both in free and premium schemes, and fall into various industry categories that can aid you in your theme selection.  You can craft your own web design, however, inept programming skills limit the potentials of a full-blown web design customization.   

Meanwhile, WordPress flaunts a vast selection of customizable themes and templates which are either built-in or can be purchased through a third-party vendor.  You can even collaborate with a website developer to curate an impressive online presence.  WordPress lays down practically a sweeping spread of accessible features that allow overarching web design benefits.  Coding aptitude, though, is warranted to maximize the full extent of its capabilities.  

E-commerce Integration 

Sending off your store to online visibility might initially cower anyone who isn’t equipped with programming proficiency but Wix promises worry-free and handy online store solutions.  Even if you are starting on a free plan, Wix can make your e-commerce site possible allowing you to fiddle around with templates and create a website layout from uploading your products to check-out options.  Before you can actually start selling, though, you must purchase a premium plan that works within your budget and is reasonable enough for you not to say it’s daylight robbery.   


Whereas, WordPress might score better for you if you are serious about launching your site in full swing.  However, though, you have to latch onto highly technical knowledge to do so, hence, probably the need to hire a website developer if you have zero background in programming.  While with Wix, you can practically manage everything within the browser, WordPress requires the installation of eCommerce-enabled plugins such as WooCommerce, which is the most widely used.  If budget and wider technical knowledge requirements weren’t an issue, WordPress then rakes in the edge. 


Once you have identified the specific website demands of your business that have to be met and reckoned with the required level of technical skills, it is easier for you to funnel them into a decision.   


If gliding through website building with ease suits your preference more, then Wix can be your comfort buddy.  Meanwhile, the seemingly endless repertoire of WordPress advanced features and plug-ins are deemed more suitable for your tech-savvy inclination.  


The good news is, Perti Solutions can implement your site on both website building platforms.  Dream about entirely functional and cut above web design and we’ll make it happen for you.   


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