Keep your sales moving: Three Key Benefits of Outbound Call Centers in the Time of Pandemic

Think about this. How many customers can you talk to in an hour when you do door-to-door sales versus phone calls?

For many, door-to-door sales may have been the primary strategy given its advantage of connecting with customers on a personal level. Then COVID-19 hit, and door-to-door sales is no longer a viable option. What is not safe for your sales teams is also driving risk to your business. However, it does not mean that you must completely put your operations on hold, because this may have opened an opportunity to transform your business.

An Outbound Call Center is what businesses employ to have a team of call center agents to make outbound calls to customers on behalf of the company. Business objectives met by outbound call centers include sales, telemarketing, fund-raising, contact list updating, surveys, and information verification to name just a few.

Whether you want to get more leads, attract prospective customers, or learn about your customer needs and interests, you can hire an outbound call center to help you get the job done. Here are three benefits you can expect from employing an outbound call center amidst the pandemic.

Reach more customers

Bypass the limitations of door-to-door sales. Due to the physical nature of door-to-door sales, there is a limit to the potential customers a sales agent can reach. There are chances that the sales agent may not be able to speak to the decision maker directly, in cases where they live in residential buildings or areas that have strict policies regarding sales professionals. With an outbound call center, you have an entire team to make calls directly to your target customers without worrying about geographic limitations, and now, the added restrictions due to the pandemic.

Monitor and measure team performance

Not only do you have an entire team to get in touch with prospective customers real-time, you can also expect them to follow an exact approach and monitor their performance. There are certain metrics used to measure the success of outbound call teams such as, first call close, conversion rate, calls per agent, average call length, and more. These can be aligned with your business goals. Outbound call teams are regularly checked in every stage of the process to ensure quality control. This also gives you the opportunity to adjust and strategize to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Customers are staying at home

While your target customers are staying at home because of the pandemic, your business has more opportunities to reach them and capture their attention. Through an outbound call team, you can learn more about their needs and offer a solution. This increases the probability of turning prospects to actual leads.

Hiring an outbound call center allows you to maintain that personal touch when it comes to reaching your customers. Moreover, while it may be a solution for your business to keep sales moving during this time of pandemic, it can be part of a long-term strategy to improve leads generation and increase sales. Get more information about outbound call center and how to hire one. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

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