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Your business already has processes in place. You have invested in the apps and systems that both your team and your customers use. Everyone delivers what is required of them and your customers are satisfied. What you may not know is that there may still be some weak spots in your operations that could mean losing valuable time and money. There’s always room to improve and work more efficiently.

Using apps and tools in your daily operations is necessary to get things done faster. However, there’s also such as a thing as app overload. Research done by RingCentral showed that employees navigate between business apps 10 times in an hour. This means you are losing 32 days a year which could have been used to get actual work done.

Forrester Consulting’s research found that businesses focused on customer experience achieve “1.7x higher customer retention, 1.9x return on spend, and 1.6x higher customer satisfaction rates”. Your business process and the tools play a crucial role in ensuring the best customer experience, from inquiry, to service delivery, to post sale. The faster you meet or exceed customer expectations, the more you return for your business.

ServiceNow can help you both improve your team’s productivity and customer satisfaction. ServiceNow is an intelligent unified platform that allows you to automate business workflows. It gives you the power to customize and complement the way your business operates.

Automation creates better work

Empower your team to focus on their core functions by automating recurring, menial tasks. Amy Nguyen of Happiness Infinity LLC shared that while the basic business needs are addressed through automation, the way you satisfy the more sophisticated needs makes work more exciting and meaningful for employees. Studies also show that there is a 12% increase in productivity when employees are happy.

Make the experience intuitive

Cut the learning curve by making your processes easier to understand and perform for both your employees and your customers. Richard Davis of Katalyst Data Management noted that the experience of using an effective tool should enable the user to flow through work in a logical progression. The same experience is important especially for your customers. Andrew Alexeev of Nginx explained that the more time spent learning the very basic functions of the user interface, the less chance that customer returns. Functions should be as basic as possible and be easily learned or accessed in just a few minutes at most. just a few minutes at most.

Unify your workflow

Simplify your processes by integrating your crucial business apps, software, and data with ServiceNow’s unified platform. Maxim Garkavtsev of Qarea Limited, Testfort Inc shared that in their experience having a consolidated platform alone saved their company countless hours of work, enabled transparency in management, and improved quality of deliverables.

In our digital age, working smarter with technology can be both a challenge and opportunity. Make the move to transform your business through automation and simplified workflows with ServiceNow. Get more information about its fast deployment and competitive rates. Schedule a FREE consultation today.

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