ServiceNow: In A Nutshell

Over the last decades since its advent, automation has arranged workflows in a digital landscape and incurred significant changes in an otherwise traditional workforce of nearly all industries globally. It took charge and paved the way for Increased overall productivity and efficiency in business operations.  While society may have seen a number of doom and gloom instances that came with automation such as reduced job opportunities requiring human capacities, the proven and potential upsides have still dominated the scene. 

Imagine a software that simplifies and streamlines workflows in an organization, replacing tedious manual tasks that used to demand unnecessary IT costs and effort.  Having automation in mind, ServiceNow comes into play. 


What is ServiceNow? 


In layman’s terms, ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that connects workflows into unified applications.  These workflows focus on technical management of major criteria in business processes such as IT, HR, and Customer.  ServiceNow can be integrated with customized tools to better run your organization.  


In a typical work setting that utilizes IT operations, inevitable issues surface.  For example, a customer brings to your attention some technical problems with his or her internet connection that need to be resolved outright.  The agent who receives the calls then raises a ticket to have it rectified.  It doesn’t have to entail prolonged conversation or email exchange with the department in the organization that’s supposed to take care of it.  With sufficient training for users, the ticketing system tool in ServiceNow allows them to report, manage and resolve issues that are being raised without having to go through a bureaucratic process that seemingly takes an eternity to complete the resolution. 

Every service-oriented organization needs an enterprise level platform that can eliminate the dragging tasks on a day-to-day basis                                especially those that utilize spreadsheets, emails and the like that hamper efficiency and productivity.  ServiceNow has just the smart solution for you.  After setting it up in your company, let it work and do the work for you in a way that’s a lot more powerful and you probably won’t have to go back to the traditional email and paper works every so often.. 


At Perti Solutions, our pool of developers par excellence can have your ServiceNow platform highly customized to specifically understand and address the needs of your organization at reasonable and competitive rates.  Extensive training programs for your staff are also available to further optimize its benefits.  So just when you thought the automated processes being utilized in your business can’t get any smarter, think again… Because ServiceNow is gonna leave you even more impressed.  Drop us a line and we’d be more than glad to walk you through the process.

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