ServiceNow Implementation in Vancouver

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ServiceNow is an enterprise platform that allows your team to work smarter by creating automated digital workflows for your business. Every team member will be able to use the same platform, configured for their personal preferences, to ensure that operations are handled consistently and each team member’s work is synced across the company.  

ServiceNow works for any medium to large businesses that will benefit from a digital workflow. Using AI, ServiceNow makes predictions and automates routine tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on strategic work. Implementing ServiceNow means that you cut unstructured business processes and replace them with intelligent workflows. 

The benefits of using ServiceNow include 

  • improving processes and streamlining work 
  • unlocking insights to anticipate trends 
  • prioritizing resources 
  • aggregating your company’s data into one overarching database 

By implementing ServiceNow, your company can create one service portal for all your customers, reduce wasted spend on multiple systems and processes, gain new customers by creating systems that scale, reduce the number of calls your support team is taking. 

Finastra, a financial services company with headquarters in London, UK, saved $350K annually after implementing ServiceNow solutions. Finastra isolated and removed inefficiencies across its 115 locations worldwide and is now more effectively managing the way it does business. 

Implementation is best done by a ServiceNow Service Partner. Working with a third-party can help you manage your time, employees, and resources during the implementation process.  

This is what we, at Perti do. What you can expect through working with us is an end-to-end implementation process that takes into account all aspects of your business and workflow process. The result is a more efficient and effective business and the ability to scale by improving your company’s workflow and reducing inefficiencies. 

Our headquarters are in Vancouver, BC, working with clients locally and globally. Our team consists of certified ServiceNow developers, implementers, and administrators.  

For a cable services company with an employee count of 4500, a simple IT Service Management implementation (ITSM) will take around 3 to 4 weeks with our team of Certified Implementation Specialists 

Save time and frustration and increase productivity and company resilience by using a certified ServiceNow team of experts to implement this cloud-based IT platform. Whether you work with Perti or not, ServiceNow is the smartest way to improve your work. 

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