Microsoft 365: Enterprise-Grade Productivity Suite for your Business

Microsoft 365 is the de facto communication, collaboration, and productivity suite of tools for organizations and enterprises alike. The following is a detailed look at the features and capabilities of Microsoft 365 to help you understand why it’s the most popular cloud productivity suite option for businesses today.

Pricing Options

Unlike Google Suite, which is available in only three conventional packages, Microsoft provides an array of subscription plans specifically designed for organizations of different sizes, types, number of employees, or specific needs. The most affordable Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan is priced at $5 per user, per month while the feature-packed Microsoft 365 E5 version costs $35 per user per month.

There are Microsoft 365 plans for small companies and enterprises with many of its apps and services available for a la carte purchase as well. This gives you the flexibility to customize your plan to best fit your business needs now and to adjust in the future. For example, you may opt for a lower-level plan and combine it with one or two add-ons instead of getting a more comprehensive package that is priced higher. Once your business needs grow, you can then upgrade your plan accordingly. There are also Microsoft 365 plans specifically geared for government agencies, academia, and non-profit organizations that include a combination of Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft security management features.

Files and Storage

By default, Microsoft offers the most storage space – at 1 TB of data capacity (for Business Basic plan) – when compared with Google Suite basic plan (for a paltry 30 GB). Additionally, Microsoft provides an exclusive 50 GB of email storage. This is not provided by Google Suite.

Office Apps

Microsoft 365 includes advanced incarnations of the Office 2007 or Office 2010 so there’s that sense of familiarity and confidence when you’re using it. Its core features are all there and the overall feel is just the same – navigation is a breeze so even first-time users won’t be intimidated and learn quickly.

And when it all boils down to performing various tasks, you’d rather be using MS applications than Google apps – Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs, Microsoft Excel instead of Google Sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint instead of Google Slides – you get the gist.

Sharing and Collaboration

People who want to work on the same file at the same time without messing about with ‘track changes’ will be delighted with real-time collaboration capabilities in Microsoft 365. And did you know that Microsoft’s Business plans are on free trial for 30 days (as opposed with just 2 weeks no-obligation use for Google Suite)?


When it comes to formatting consistency, no other cloud productivity suite will come closer to Microsoft Office. Its document fidelity capability means that you can access and view them just as they are whether it’s from an offline version or from a web-based equivalent.


Gmail might offer a more streamlined interface, but Microsoft Outlook clearly has some headway in terms of enabling the user to view and respond to priority emails, to simplify long email threads, and to seamlessly integrate calendar and contacts functions with Outlook itself.


With every bell and whistle to make communication, collaboration, and productivity possible, Microsoft 365 wins all categories. Its core features and add-on tools have zero compatibility issues with desktop Microsoft Office software – perfect for saving time and doing task more efficiently – a sound investment for businesses who want to stay on top of their game.

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